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George Felton

George bought a 'serious' camera in 1947 while a student at Cambridge. He took up colour slides in 1958 because his career in computing provided opportunities for world-wide travel. Among other places, he visited Canada, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, and later Iceland, Greenland, Patagonia, NZ and Antarctica. In 1984 he sent work to the London Salon and was awarded a Medal and two acceptances. He failed in 1985, but in every year since then his prints were accepted, totalling 27 (with four medals) until his 1995 election to Salon membership. He was Salon Secretary from 1999 to 2004. His mainly landscape prints were all Cibachromes from 1982 until 3 Feb 1999, when he took up digital print technology, but continuing with slide film. His achievements include FRPS (Pictorial) 1987, EFIAP 1993, FRPS (Printing) 1996, with many acceptances in overseas exhibitions. He has worked exclusively in colour since 1958.