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Tim Pile

"I’m known for my images of the female nude, seeking out interesting man-made and natural locations, using natural light, and letting the model interact with their environment. I like to produce images that include models, rather than of models, and my images are largely about shapes and light. The models I work with are extremely creative, and play a great part in the image-making process. While I largely produce images for the love of it, I have been successful in gaining various distinctions, MPAGB (2013), FIPF (2016) and EFIAP/p (2017), with great success in international FIAP/PSA exhibitions. I also give talks to camera clubs and other interested organisations. I’m quite a prolific producer or images, and my website is regularly updated with new images and blog posts. I've always been a great admirer of the Salon, both it’s aims and it’s talented members, and was extremely honoured to become a member."

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