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Ines Labunski Robert

Ines was born in Danzig and educated in Germany and England has been seriously and passionately involved in photography since moving from Scotland to California in 1966. She has produced over 35 slide-music programs since 1972 when her first show "The Four Seasons of Sequoia" received a standing ovation at the PSA International Convention of Photography in San Francisco. Her photographs have been published as feature articles in many magazines in America, London, Mexico, Germany and Canada. They appeared in Popular Photography, The Minolta Mirror, The PSA Journal, the RPS Journal of Britain and regularly in Natur Foto of Germany. Her Cibachrome Prints have been exhibited in many one woman shows both here and abroad. In 1994 and 1987 she was a 1st Prize winner in the Sierra Annual Contest. She won Bronze and Silver Medals in the RPS International Print Exhibition and in the 1988 Nikon Photo Contest. One of her hang gliding pictures received 2nd Prize in the Royal Aero Club Trust Photographic Competition 2000, and she was selected as the first recipient of the Bettina Grey Award of the USHGA " for using the photographic medium as a vehicle to promote the positive image of the sport of hang gliding". In 1988 she was elected a Nominee for Californian Art Advocate. She received her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 1992, and in 1996 she was invited to become a member of the London Salon of Photography. Both she and her husband Gilbert are enthusiastic hang-glider pilots, and Ines had 687 flights since she started in 1979. Ines feels that her deep love for our natural world and her involvement in photography is constantly enriching her life and is one of the greatest gift granted to her.