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David Yates

Dave Yates - I suppose if you want to do a biography of yourself, you must go back to the beginning and yes I did buy a box brownie from Woolworths for 6d. which was around 3 weeks pocket money - I still have some of the pictures.Moving forward to the early 1980's, I was fortunate to be invited to Hong Kong for a holiday, it was for this that I purchased a Canon AE1 and armed with 27 rolls of film I set off on my journey. It was not until 1992 when Sue (now my wife) bought me a Jessops start up dark room kit and a book on how to build one that the passion for this wonderful hobby started to take hold.In 1993 I joined Smethwick Photographic Society and a local club, Aston & Erdington. My one ambition was to become a serious photographer and to win as many of those gold medals and awards as possible. As I progressed from a novice to an intermediate and advanced the passion grew stronger and stronger. I became President of Smethwick Photographic Society in 1999/2000 during which I played a major part in the acquisition and renovation of the 'Old School House' now the Clubroom for Smethwick. In 2006/2007 I took on the role again in more favourable circumstances.Despite all the PSA & FIAP medals which I have received over the years, the highlight for me has to be the invitation to become a member of the London Salon.I tour extensively throughout the UK and Ireland giving lectures and judging competitions which I enjoy.My main interst throughout the years has been monochrome work and in 2007 I was invited by Fotospeed, to be one of their associates.

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