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Anne Sutcliffe

Anne took up photography in around 1984 as an antidote to the stresses of the NHS. The introduction of autofocus by Minolta in 1986 provided a tremendous boost because Anne was very short sighted and struggled with manual focus but the advent of digital manipulation and printing revolutionized her photography. Having previously been mainly a transparency worker who entered the darkroom with reluctance, the transition to digital imaging provided an endless source of pleasure and inspiration. After nine years of experimentation and development, she eventually developed her own style and was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2003. This led to several new opportunities, in particular invitations to become a member of Eyecon and the London Salon of Photography. Anne finds it difficult to put into words exactly what her ‘style’ is. Others have described her work as pastel or pale and interesting. They also comment that she sees pictures in places that others would pass by without a glance. The latter is certainly true. She is best known for her ever-expanding series of pictures of lady’s public conveniences and for the fact that many of her pictures include a dog. Anne never passes by the opportunity for a photograph and takes landscapes, natural history and travel photographs. However, since around 2001, Anne has concentrated on making alternative images in familiar locations such as Cuba , taking perverse pleasure in the fact that nobody can guess the location. All her pictures are extensively manipulated in the interests of simplification and creativity although she prefers that the manipulations should be so subtle that they do not dominate the final image.  Limited desaturation and digital airbrushing are her favourite techniques.

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