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106th Exhibition 2017 Medal Winners

In its early years, photography was used almost exclusively to record the appearance of people, places and things. The processes and materials available set serious limits to picture-making, and very few attempted to use photography to make artistic pictures. Later in the nineteenth century, some of those who had trained in art took up photography, which led to placing more emphasis on selecting and arranging rather than on technique and materials – art rather than fact.


A number of influential photographers broke away from the Royal Photographic Society in May 1892 in protest against its emphasis over a number of years on science and technology at the expense of other aspects of photography. They set up the Linked Ring Brotherhood as an international body to promote artistic photography. The Linked Ring held its first Photographic Salon in 1893. From about 1908, many disputes arose on attitudes to selection procedures and this led to the setting up of the London Salon in 1910.


Open International Photographic Salons have been held in nearly every year since 1910.

About the salon

Salon announcements . . . . . .


Judging for this years salon is now complete, all medal winning images and accepted images can now be viewed by clicking the menu options for the 2017 salon.


This year the salon will exhibit all successful prints at these venues.


Dublin Camera Club: The Eddie Chandler Gallery, 10 Lower Camden Street, Dublin DO2 NA 49.

Saturday 16th September to Saturday 7th October. The Gallery is open on Saturdays only from 11 - 5pm.




Edinburgh Photographic Society: 27th September - 1st November.





There is a slight delay in the production of our popular Salon CD for 2017. We are working hard to complete this ASAP




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